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Elsie demonstrates a spotting technique for aerial rope while Serenity rests in a back balance.
A three hi with Jan Damm, Serenity & Brooke Locke faces a big audience of people sitting on the grass.
Serenity demonstrates how to spot a gazelle while one student does the gazelle and the other person spots.

Skill building & act development for private or public groups in aerials, acrobatics, vertical dance & tree dancing.

Skill building & performance refinement for individuals & companies.

For new teachers & continuing education for experienced teachers of aerials, handbalancing & partner acrobatics.

The Nimble Arts Method

The Nimble Arts 'method' begins with the simple concept - that we work with the heart first and then the body and that each person learns differently & has different physical abilities.  Then we adjust the experience accordingly.


It follows that we:      

  • teach a culture of safety (everyone is involved with creating a safe environment)

  • give a sense of security (work at your own comfort level/pace)

  • encourage self-assessment (listen to your body)

  • allow self-determination (needs of the student pre-empt the goals of the teacher)

We look forward to sharing.

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