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Directing / Consulting

We support the telling of each performers' story through virtuoso circus artistry and offer our expertise to support creative adventures for artists and companies.

Serenity direct Rachel_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Serenity directing Rachel Rees in a creative exploration with her rope and a chair.

Why work with a Director or Dramaturg?

We are often able to generate our best work when our ideas can be reflected and honed by an outside eye. Let's work together to elevate circus acts and shows. And, we can help you get your work out there once it is ready.

show creation.jpeg

Why work with Us?

We have worked with hundreds of artists on the dramaturgy of their acts, and directed circus shows as well as shows with circus in them. We also have deep experience and connections to help you understand how to sell your act or your show in the current market. We understand the art form as well as the market into which we place ourselves and the many goals we have for our relationship to our audiences. We can conceive of a show for you, help you refine your own vision, direct a show you have in mind, and get your work to your audience. Let's start with a chat.

Serenity gives feedback to a large cast of artists sitting in a circle on the floor.

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