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Vertical Dance Retreats

Defy Gravity: Rope & Harness wall running

Dance on the walls and change the rules of gravity! Using rope tools and harnesses from rock climbers and arborists, you’ll be able to access the grace and weightlessness available when you turn the world on its side. This unique workshop is excellent for any movers who are curious about dance and tumbling with weightlessness—allowing for softer impacts and a more gentle way of flipping and flying.

Saddles, ropes, and ascending/descending options will all be provided by Nimble Arts and Renaissance Acres Tree Care. You may bring whatever harnesses or gear you have but they must pass inspection for use.

  • A typical day will include practical and creative programming: grounded meditation, group warmup, rigging instruction, technique instruction, creative instigation, and personal discovery time.

  • Experience a variety of harnesses, rigging options and climbing tools from the Vertical Dance and arborist worlds.

  • Find your choreographic personality through led improvisation as well as learn repertoire from the workshop leaders.

Physical Prerequisites:  Participants should be comfortable with general mobility requirements of a hike in the woods over uneven terrain with moderate exertion. If you have mobility or accessibility considerations, please connect with us to determine how we can best support you as participation in a group setting may not be appropriate for safety.

Locations:  Various see opportunities below

Current Workshops:

  • August 9 - 11, 2024:  LakeSide Studio, Tinmouth, Vermont (USA). More details and Registration at REGISTER site link above.

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