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Juno Singles: Circus Films

Award Winning Film Project

We won an award for this film series! Congrats to our videographer Angus Reid and Serenity who was the Creative Director (and performer!) The series was named ‘Best of Entertainment and Arts Series by an Independent Producer’ at the Alliance for Community Media’s Hometown Media Awards as submitted by BCTV.

4 part film series with Juno Singles Project .

The pandemic cast a spell of sleep over many arts organizations, all around the world. We all have missed the joy of sharing directly. Because one of the Juno Orchestra Project’s structural tenets is to give opportunity for wonderful regional players to explore music with curious audiences, Juno has been resting quietly, waiting for the opportunity to reconvene with our enthusiastic audience. Part One: Juno engaged four local composers. Part Two: Juno Orchestra recorded the compositions. Part Three: Nimble Arts created a filmed response.

**Response to Suite for an Imaginary Country, featuring artist Serenity Smith Forchion a three part solo aerial dance in trees giving voice to and view into the vital treescape that gives us the air that we breathe.

**Response to Juno Variations, featuring artist Jan Damm in a Buster Keaton-esque reflection on isolation, exploration and risk.

**Response to Vermont Seasons, featuring artists Ariele Ebacher, Brooke Locke, and Rachel Rees on tight wire, circus pole and aerial rope.

**Response to Struggle for Optimism, featuring artist Serenity Smith Forchion in an acrobatic and aerial dance exploring the journey from loss to recovery.

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