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Individual Acts

Options for center stage & strolling entertainment.

Nimble Arts company members offer a variety of acts that can be presented center stage or as strolling 'atmosphere' entertainment.


  • Cirque Between the Courses: At your next corporate event, wow your guests with spectacular circus acts enlivening the mealtime experience. After salad is served, a trapeze artist gracefully flies. The audience digs into their main dish while a handbalancer takes the stage and defies gravity. Dessert is served while a juggler deftly brings laughter and feats of dexterity. Finally bring in your own CEO/Guest Speaker through a wall of acrobats, rounding out the evening metaphors of circus: teamwork, creativity, daring!

  • Strolling Circus Artists: During your event's pre-function cocktail hour, or throughout an outdoor picnic, bring on jugglers, acrobats and stilt walkers in the theme of your event to interact for fun and photos.

  • Atmosphere Entertainment: If your event has a theme, let's brainstorm our artists bringing it to life. Imagine contortionists in ice white costumes bending into impossible shapes atop the bar at your next Winter or Black & White ball. Have a flapper styled juggler stroll around your 1920's themed fundraiser. Or a tall stilt walker in the biggest overalls you've ever seen for your farm themed parade.

  • Want a full show? Check out Ruckus in a Box!

Contact us with your event and ideas and we will entertain!

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