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Arboreal Ballet: A Duet with Nature

Outdoor solo show blending aerial dance with education entertainment.

Using arborist tools and circus acrobatics, "Arboreal Ballet" is an outdoor theatrical performance that impresses, entertains and educates. Weaving narration, aerial dance, and immersion in place, the performers nudge audiences of all ages to better understand the deep interconnectedness of trees, nature, and humans. "Arboreal Ballet" is a unique experience that is engaging for all ages, and pragmatic about the challenges faced by humans and earth, yet offers pathways of hope.


  • Immersive Outdoor Experience: Audiences learn about and experience "shinrin-yoku" or "forest bathing", absorbing the healing properties of chemicals given off by trees.

  • Educational Entertainment: Light narration will weave insights into the local history of place and onsite ecology with their global climate and human health.

  • Environmental Awareness: "Arboreal Ballet" educates about the interconnectedness of the human relationship to the places we live and the dependence we have on trees. The Artist and Arborist will research local considerations and offer a post-performance Q & A to expand the conversation.

  • Participatory Workshops: Two workshops are available - one a tree climbing experience for those who wish to leave the ground developing an intimate care for the trees that support us; and the second an educational conversation & walk in the woods oriented to each host location.

Production Needs

  • Technical Details: This is a self-contained performance. The artist provides a rechargeable battery sound system and wireless microphone. The host venue provides seating if desired for outdooor performance focused around a mature tree in a maintained, accessible location such as a park, campus or arboretum.

  • Performance Length: 45 minutes plus Q & A

  • Travel: The Artistic Team is based in Vermont (USA) & consists of 1 Performer & 1 Arborist / Tech Support.

  • Insurance: We are fully insured for both arborist work and circus performance.


"The whole shebang is absolutely inspiring and amazing." Audience member, Circus in Place

"Truly something masterful. . ." M. Silver

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