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Step by step guidance through the 2nd level of skills for beginners on the aerial fabric. Includes stretching and conditioning tips as well as detailed skill instruction and fun choreographic options. Intended for beginning fabric students and those who want to truly understand the deep creative vocabulary of this aerial apparatus.


You will have 30 days after purchase to download.



"I've watched a lot of teachers teach and listened to a lot of students coming out of programs. What I have noticed is that, consistently over the years, every single student of yours knows what they are doing and I can't say it any simpler or clearer than that. The conditioning is especially helpful - not to mention all the new tricks. Even though I am not familiar with many of the tricks at all..while watching it - I found it to be a clear, step by step instructional video."

Carrie Heller, founder Circus Arts Institute and Author of the Aerial Circus Training and Safety Manual

Aerial Fabric Instructional Video: Beginner Level 2

  • Follow the link in your purchase confirmation to download the file to your own device.  You must download within 30 days of purchase.

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