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Aug. 3: Tree Dancing Introduction

Aug. 4: Tree Dancing Leveling UP

$250 each (if you wish to do both, contact Serenity at for a 25% COMP code for the 2nd workshop - $62.50 off)


PreRequisite for the Tree Dancing Leveling UP:  This is an advancing course.  Participants must have participated in a training with Serenity previously, either in Vertical Dance (wall) or in Tree Dancing. No Exceptions.


Join an aerialist & arborist team for a unique outdoor workshop to discover the freedom & joys of climbing trees with rope & harness and dancing where gravity feels suspended. This is an experiential workshop intended to offer curious movers - aerialist, climber, researcher, dancer, arborist, acrobat, explorer - an opportunity to ascend into a world of physical and personal discovery. We’ll teach you all the ropes you need to know, including physical and creative techniques while giving you space to explore at your own pace. Defy gravity and find your inner strength.


Location:  Brattleboro, Vermont at the Nimble Arts home.


  • A typical day will include practical and creative programming: grounded meditation, tree anatomy, rigging instruction, equipment sampling, creative sharing, stretching & physical training, and personal discovery time.

  • Experience a variety of harnesses, rigging options and climbing tools.

  • Be in the woods with an eye to place, an awareness of history and considerations of our future.


Participants will learn the practical side of tree climbing including gear and physical techniques, as well as the spiritual side of considering our relationship with the natural world, challenging our selves to make changes, and deepen connections to the humans with whom we share this path with.


This Tree Dancing Workshop includes Lunch.

August 4: Tree Dancing Leveling UP

  • Dates: August 3, 2024 (Saturday)

    Schedule: 9 am - 5 pm

    Location: Nimble Arts, Brattleboro, Vermont (USA)

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